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Our mission is to uniquely elevate Instagram's finest - influencers, creators, and brands - by forging unparalleled digital paths with our exclusive, trendsetting Instagram strategies and tools.

Hey! I’m Leo, the owner of NowSocials.

I founded NowSocials, an Instagram-focused agency, to share my extensive knowledge gained from five years of freelancing in social media. My goal was to make a broader impact by helping others excel on Instagram.

In just six months, I built a team of over 15 experts, each specializing in different aspects of Instagram marketing. This skilled team is the core of our agency, offering diverse strategies to meet our clients' unique needs.

At NowSocials, we recognize the challenges influencers and businesses face in maximizing Instagram's potential for engagement and sales. Our focus is on providing targeted solutions to enhance our clients' online presence, ensuring improved reach and monetization. I'm excited to help you leverage Instagram to its fullest and achieve your goals on this dynamic platform.


Exclusive, high-quality focus

NowSocials is not your ordinary agency. We are an elite, small team dedicated to a select group of clients each month. This exclusivity allows us to deliver unparalleled results, focusing on quality over quantity. We don't just work for you; we collaborate with you.

Secret and proven strategies for superior results

Our approach is unique. We employ secret and innovative strategies that have undergone rigorous testing with various volunteers, other social media agency owners, and Instagram experts. This means we don't just do a standard job; we deliver superior results with higher reach, engagement, growth, and leads.

Instagram mastery

Uniquely, NowSocials specializes solely in Instagram. This singular focus means we understand every nuance of the platform, unlike other agencies that spread their expertise thin across multiple platforms. Our Instagram-centric approach ensures exceptional, in-depth results.

Selective clientele for impactful outcomes

At NowSocials, we're discerning about the clients we take on. Our goal isn't just to accept any business; we choose to work with clients where we're confident we can make a substantial impact and achieve extraordinary results. This selectiveness is about respecting your time and money, ensuring we onboard clients poised for significant success.


Book a free 30-min consultation call

→ we will share all secret strategies & advice how to get results on Instagram
→ we will perform live Instagram page audit of your page to see areas for improvements
→ we will create a game plan together to meet your goals and KPIs

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