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How we increased fitness trainer’s organic reach by 756%. generated 9,578 organic followers, and helped to get 3 big brand partnerships in 42 days.


- To substantially increase the organic reach of a fitness trainer on Instagram.
- To grow the follower base with a focus on quality and targeted audience engagement.
- To secure major brand partnerships through enhanced social media visibility.

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Target Audience:

- Fitness enthusiasts and individuals seeking workout guidance and inspiration.
- Followers of fitness trends and those interested in health and wellness.
- Brands looking for influential fitness personalities for partnerships.

Pain Points of Target Audience:

- The need for engaging, informative, and inspiring fitness content.
- Desire for authentic and relatable fitness guidance on Instagram.
- Brands seeking credible and popular fitness influencers for partnerships.

Social Media KPI’s:

- Achieved a 756% increase in organic reach within 42 days.
- Gained 9,578 new, organic followers, indicating high-quality audience growth.
- Secured 3 significant brand partnerships, enhancing the client's market credibility.

Instagram Strategy:

- Conducted in-depth research on trending content among fitness influencers.
- Created and executed a content strategy, including 10 scripted videos, illustrations, and voiceovers.
- Implemented viral hooks in content with strong calls-to-action to encourage following the account.

- Prioritized Instagram Reels and video content to maximize reach and engagement.
- Managed manual and organic follower growth strategies, focusing on target audience engagement.

Through a meticulously crafted content and engagement strategy, the fitness trainer not only saw a significant increase in reach and followers but also established lucrative brand partnerships.

How we get 6.73X ROI for clothing brand in UK and signed 57 influencers that generated over 2.8M likes, just in 39 days.


- To achieve a high return on investment (ROI) for a UK-based clothing brand.
- To engage and sign influencers for effective brand ambassadorship.
- To generate substantial Instagram engagement and brand visibility.

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Target Audience:

- Fashion-conscious consumers in the UK and globally.
- Instagram influencers with a significant following in the fashion niche.
- Potential customers responsive to creative and lifestyle-oriented advertising.

Pain Points of Target Audience:

- The need for fresh, appealing, and relatable fashion content.
- Influencers seeking meaningful and beneficial brand partnerships.
- Consumers desiring authentic and engaging fashion-related content.

Social Media KPI’s:

- Attained an impressive 6.73X ROI through targeted ad campaigns.
- Successfully collaborated with 57 influencers, enhancing brand outreach.
- Accumulated over 2.8 million likes and 12.4 million views on Instagram Reels and posts.

Marketing Strategy:

- Conducted comprehensive research on effective ad creatives within the clothing brand niche.
- Utilized Facebook Ad Library and other platforms for insights on trending ads and ROI benchmarks.
- Collaborated with a creative studies student to produce engaging video content with unique endings.
- Implemented natural lifestyle video themes in content for authenticity.
- Used the best-performing video for Instagram Ads, significantly boosting ROI.
- Executed a broad influencer marketing campaign, reaching out to over 4,000 targeted influencers.
- Utilized User-Generated Content (UGC) from influencers on both the brand's and influencers' Instagram accounts.

Through a meticulously crafted content and engagement strategy, the fitness trainer not only saw a significant increase in reach and followers but also established lucrative brand partnerships.


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